Trinity’s Health Ministry Team

Trinity’s Health Ministry Team

The Trinity United Church of Christ has a lot of ministries that are being operated simultaneously. One of the most prominent ministries is the Health and Wellness Ministry. At Trinity United Church of Christ, they believe that the mental, physical and spiritual health go hand in hand and for a person to be fit, all three of these should be in synchronization.

This is how they promote holistic well-being. There are various programs and support groups organized by the church to make sure that the people are in their best health and heal faster.

Rev. Linda Mootry-Dodd

The Health And Wellness Minister

Rev. Linda Mootry-Dodd is responsible for handling the health and wellness ministry at the Trinity United Church of Christ. She has been ordained for 20 years and is a licensed nurse for 37 years.

She visits all the sick people and preaches them the gospels of Jesus.

She has her Masters of Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary of Chicago Illinois. She has been preaching all over Chicago for years and has been helping the needy and homeless for years.

The health and wellness ministry helps people suffering from various diseases in different ways.

The Health And Wellness Ministry Of The Trinity United Church Of Christ

The health and wellness ministry helps people suffering from various diseases in different ways. There are multiple departments and programs run by the health ministry of the Trinity United Church of Christ.

It is said that half of the diseases are cured by the power of the mind. If a person has hope, there is a massive chance for a disease to leave his body and for him to get back to normal. This is what these departments work upon.

These departments aim at providing holistic health and wellness to the patients or the survivors.

The departments are:

• Can-Cer-Vive

The can-cer-vive is the ministry is the one that has been designed to help the people that are suffering from cancer or that are cancer survivors. The members of the ministry try their best to provide all kinds of spiritual support to these people. There are many volunteers that give out information’s of healthcare, care to give and receive to these people.

• Healing

Healing is a prayer service that takes place every 2nd Sunday before the 6 pm service and after the 6 pm service. Pastors and the people who have been given the gift to heal people mentally, physically and spiritually are invited, and they try to pray for the wellbeing of the people attending the service.

• Emmaus Road

The Emmaus Road is the service that takes place every 4th Thursday at 7 pm. This is especially for the people who have experienced some death or loss of a loved one in their lives. This is done to provide them support, comfort, and courage to go through the tough times. The ministry helps the people and supports them all throughout the grieving process.

• Immabasi Health And Wellness

Immabasi health and wellness are for the people that want to help the people suffering from mental and physical illnesses. They teach the volunteers how to provide support and courage to these people and how to prevent and treat these diseases.


The ministry for HIV/AIDS is responsible for providing comfort and courage to the people who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. The department also helps with the support and training of the family and friends of the people that have been affected by HIV/ AIDS.

• Yoga

The ministry of Yoga allows people maintain good physical and mental health in people. Yoga is the best way to promote excellent health in the people.

• Lupus

The ministry of lupus is responsible for helping the people with Lupus and helping them heal and go through tough times.

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