History Of Plymouth Church In Downtown Seattle

History Of Plymouth Church In Downtown Seattle

The Plymouth Church is one of the most historic congregations located in Seattle. The church has been formed in association with the United Church of Christ. The church has a considerable history and is famous for the various activities that it hosts for the members and the people all around the country. The church offers multiple programs for the people of all ages, genders, and races. The church has a rich history of music, stories, and visual arts. There are numerous activities that the members can actively participate in and get involved with various causes.

The primary motive of Plymouth Church is to lessen the suffering of the locals, the regional and the people all around the world.

They believe in inspiring the people of all ages with their actions and making the world a better place.

Plymouth Church

The main topics of concern at the Plymouth Church are:

Education– They believes that every person has the right to education. Spiritual knowledge is as necessary as attaining any other knowledge in the world. Hence they take every step to help people get educated in every field.

Homelessness– Every person needs a shelter no matter how poor or rich. Hence the Plymouth Church makes sure to organize programs to help the homeless and the helpless with the little they can do.

Economic Inequality– The inequality between the poor and rich is one of the worst things in the society, and this needs to be changed. The Plymouth Church preaches that all people, no matter what their economic conditions, are equal and should be treated the same.

Racial Injustice – Racial injustice is another thing that we are continually facing in today’s time, and it needs to be removed at all costs. Hence they preach to treat all people with similar respect and compassion.

The Plymouth Church was established in 1869.

The History Of Plymouth Church

  • The Plymouth Church was established in 1869, and the first meeting of the founders was held above a drugstore. The first church building was built with a lot of donation in 1873.
  • In 1885 an agitation rose in Seattle against the Chinese immigrant’s laborers. The pastors of the Plymouth Church and the other members tried to protect the immigrants during the Seattle Riots.
  • On June 6th, 1889, the Seattle fire burnt the church down, and it had to be rebuilt from scratch. Within ten years the church grew to be one of the biggest and most visited in the city.
  • The radio presence of the Church was seen in the 1930s with the morning services that were given by Rev. Dr. Wendell Firefield. It was one of the fastest growing churches of that time.
  • In an earthquake that hit Seattle in 1965, the Plymouth Church was damaged severely. The new structure was built, and the construction was completed in 1967.
  • The present building of the church is the one that was built in 1967. However, a few changes have been made considering the renovation needs.

The church has currently been fighting for some social justice causes such as legalization of same-sex marriage and the approval of Referendum 74.

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