All You Need To Know About Catholic Churches In The United States

United States of America is one of the biggest countries in the whole world. The Catholic churches in the USA hold a lot of significance amongst the people since there are a lot of Catholic people in the country.

The number of Catholic Christians in the country is higher than the others. Because of this, there is a huge number of Catholic Churches in the country.

If you want more information about the Catholic churches in United States of America, here is a small list designed for you.

  1. The United States of America has over 70.4 million Catholic people, and it is the largest religion in the whole country. It makes up for 22% of all the religious communities in United States.
  2. There are more than 850 Catholic churches in United States. Many of these churches are centuries old and have become the most known churches all over the world.
  3. The Catholic Population in United States is the fourth largest in the world. The first largest is in Brazil.
  4. The U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is the governing body of all the Catholic churches in the United States.
  5. The traces of the first Catholics in United States date back to 1493. The first Catholics were the Spanish Missionaries who came to America with Christopher Columbus, and they spread all over the country.
  6. The population of the Catholics grew in the 19th century with the immigration of the French, the Spanish and the Mexicans in America. Furthermore in the immigrants from European countries such as Ireland, Germany, Poland and Italy increased the Catholic population in the US.
  7. The Catholic rituals include a gathering in the churches every Sunday, weekdays and on holy days. The local communities of Catholics are called the parishes.
  8. The Eastern Catholic Churches of U.S find their origin in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. They have their own systems of tradition of rules.
  9. The Bishop is the leader of the Catholic Church in the United States. He is followed by Cardinals and Clergy.
  10. In the 1840s most of the Catholic Bishops were Irish Americans and they controlled the colleges and churches.
  11. Parochial schools were developed in various parts if United States so that the Catholic students would not be brainwashed by the Protestant teachers. Most of the Catholic children studied in the Catholic schools and the other students were generally denied admission.
  12. Most of the African American population became Protestant because of the less numbers of Catholics in the Southern Parts of US. However the population that moved to the north became Catholics. By 1785, 3000 of the 16,000 Catholics were black.
  13. There have been many movements in the US that have been against the Catholic community such as the Know Nothing Movement.
  14. The Catholic churches in the United States of American come under the Pope of Rome.

These are some of the critical things to know about the Catholics in the United States of America.