Most Famous Pastors Of American Churches

The list of some of the most famous and influential pastors of America is given below.

1.    John MacArthur

He is one of the best the most famous pastors in America. He is currently the pastor of the Grace Community Church but has a following from all over the world. His straightforward and to the point way of preaching is what impresses his listeners. He rose to fame through the radio program “Grace to You.” He has always been clear about all his viewpoints and often seen in some of the other controversies.

2.    James MacDonald

James MacDonald is the current head pastor of the Harvest Bible Fellowship in Elgin, IL. His style of preaching is the most captivating things about him. He preaches in a serious tone, but his preaching’s never gets boring. He has a unique talent to connect with the audience and understand their emotions.

3.    Billy Graham

Billy Graham is one of the best preachers of the 20th century. He influenced people all over the world. He is the perfect example of how a Christian man should be. He is serious but friendly, and his intellect is extremely impressive to the listener.

4.    Alistair Begg

With a very friendly style of preaching Alistair Begg is the fourth most famous pastors in the United States of America. He is currently the pastor of the Parkside Church in Charin Fall Ohio. If you are a beginner or do not know anything about Christianity, listening to his preaching is a great way to understand everything.

5.    Rick Warren

Who better than Rick Warren to preach to you? He is one of the most loved pastors of all times. He was the founder of the Saddleback Church in California which is now one of the largest Churches in the USA. He has written a very famous book named The Purpose of Driven Life, and he is especially renowned amongst the youth of America.

6.    Gardner C. Taylor

This African American preacher is now retired. However, his preaching stays with the people all their lives. Since you will not get a chance to hear him live, you can search for his preaching videos online, and we assure you, that you will be amazed. He has worked as the pastor of the Concord Baptist Church from 1948 to 1990 and became the most famous person in his whole career.

7.    Adrian Roger

The first thing that strikes about Adrian Roger is his unique voice. His preaching has always been extraordinarily engaging and attractive. People became influenced by him through the television and radio programs. He spent 32 years of his life as the senior pastor of the Bellevue Baptist Church.

8.    W.A. Criswell

The last on the list is Pastor W.A. Criswell. He has given all his life to Christianity and was the pastor of the Baptist Church of Dallas for over 40 years. During his tenure, the congregation of the church went from 7,800 members to 25,000. He has been one of the best preachers that have ever been born. Even Rick Warren called him America’s best pastor of the 20th century, and we could not agree more.