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TUCC.org is a website that has been specially designed for the American Catholics or the people who are interested in knowing about the present and the past of the Catholics in the United States of America. We at TUCC.org are a group of Catholics who want to spread the religion all over the country. We want the people to know more about Christianity and see the benefits of praying to the Lord. We believe in God, Jesus Christ and everything he has said in the Bible. He is the savior of the humanity, and we want to share with the world, the knowledge we gain from him.  

Our mission is to spread Christianity all over the US and the world.

Our Values

We believe in the Almighty, and our values have been inspired by Jesus. The set of Values that the TUCC.org team follows are:

Be Helpful To Others

Our team collects all the information from various places to bring to you the correct knowledge. We work hard so that no stone is left unturned and so that our readers are always happy.

Always Be Compassionate To All Kind

We believe that compassion is the most significant quality a human can have and our team believes in kindness for all the beings.

Treat Everyone Equally

We think that any person from any country, cast, religion, creed, mental ability and much more should be treated equally with the same amount of attention and love.

Never Lie Or Cheat

We never lie or give false information on our website. Our values include providing original content to our users that have not been copied or stolen from any website

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Activities At The Trinity United Church Of Christ

There are numerous activities that take place. The activities are organized to target all age groups from kids to teenagers and adults.

The prayer meetings are held every Sunday at 9.30 AM. All the people from all walks of lives can attend these meetings. The Pastor commemorates these prayer meets. There is a performance by the choir, and also individual messages for the children are delivered.
Sunday Schools For Children And Adults
After the prayer meetings, Sunday school is held at the church from 10.45 am. The school is open to both the adults and the children. Various teachings of the religion are taught to the students throughout the school.
There are numerous scout guide activities that are also organized by the church like the Club Scouts and the Boys Scouts. Both these activities involve outdoor camping and teaching the scouts about the wild.
There are two schools run by the church namely, The Canton Montessori School and The Small World Montessori School. These schools give admissions to all kinds of students and teach them various skills like ballet, art, etc.
The Choir Groups
There are Choir groups also organized by the church that can be joined by anyone. There are choir groups for women, men and children that practice and perform at the prayer meetings and special occasions.
Zen And Meditation Classes
The Zen and meditation classes are also organized by the church that is in association with the Cloud Water Zendo which is a meditation school. So if you plan to be a part of the Trinity United Church of Christ, Canton makes sure you surely take part in these activities.

Gaining Spiritual Upliftment At A Church

Spiritual growth or upliftment as explained in Christianity is the process of becoming like Jesus Christ.

Helps You Stay Calm
The first thing that is a person does when he starts going to the church is to start praying. Praying is like meditation, and it helps the person stay calm and composed. There are many problems that we face in our daily lives.
Helps Stay Closer To the God
Spirituality is no different than religion. Praying to god at the church helps your spirit grow and get uplifted. There are times in our lives when we forget God and get so immersed in our daily lives that praying becomes the least essential task in our lives.
Helps You Find Your Purpose In Life
Going to a church can help you find your purpose in life. Every person was sent to this planet for a reason. Each being from a small insect to a huge animal has some or the other role to play on this earth.
Helps Fulfill Your Purpose In Life
After you have found your purpose, there are many activities that you can do in a church that can help you fulfill that purpose. If you start believing in god, he lets you work on the mission you were born for.
Helps You Grow As A Person
All in all, going to a church can be very helpful for you to grow as a person. With all the experience and lessons, you become a different version of yourself. The preaching that takes place in the churches enlightens you and opens your minds to the things that you did not know initially.
All the above points combine to help a person attain spiritual upliftment. Gaining spiritual upliftment is essential in a person’s life and going to the church near you can do that.

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