A Visit To The Riverside Church

A Visit To The Riverside Church

Situated in the Morningside Heights in the Upper Manhattan, New York City, the Riverside Church is one of the oldest and the most beautiful churches in the USA.

Here is all you should know about the Riverside Church in Manhattan.

The church was constructed in 1930.

The History Of The Riverside Church

The church was constructed in 1930 and is situated at one of the highest points in New York.

The first minister of the Riverside Church was Rev. Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, and the current pastor of the church is Rev. Dr. Amy Butler

The church has been serving the people for almost 90 years and has been one of the most influential of all.

The Riverside Church building is the tallest church building in the United States.

The Architecture Of The Riverside Church

The Riverside Church building is the tallest church building in the United States. It was designed by the Allen, Pelton and Collins firm and the inspiration to build this church has been taken from Spain and France. The construction of the church started in 1927 and the 13th Century Gothic Architecture was chosen to design it.

The church is situated overlooking the Hudson River and is 100 feet wide. The church can fit over 2000 people at one time. There is a tower that has 20 floors and atop that lays a 20-ton bell which is the largest turned bell in the whole world. The interior has been created with delicacy and intricate detailing.

There are various paintings put up on the walls of the church that add to its beauty.

The Activities At The Riverside Church

There are numerous activities that take place at the church. They are:

•    The Choir Groups

They have a very successful and active choir group that performs at all the services and special events.

•    The Art Exhibitions

There are numerous art exhibitions that are put up now and then to showcase the talent of numerous artists from all over the world.

•    The Riverside Theater

The theater at the riverside is famous for various musical performances, dance performances, and famous plays.

•    Worship Services

The worship services happen various times a week, and the full schedule is mentioned on their website.

•    Activities For Children

There are various activities for children organized by the church like kindergarten and play school, camps, and scouts.

•    Activities For Youth And Young Adults

For the youth, there are many activities such as camping and excursions planned every month. Similar activities are also organized for the young adults by the church.

Their Vision, Mission, And Beliefs

They call themselves an open, welcoming, interracial, interdenominational and affirming church. All the people who visit the church are loved, protected and cared for. The members of the church unite in the worship of Lord Jesus Christ, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The Riverside church welcomes people from all religion, communities, and diversities.

The church has pledged to education, an action for peace and justice and reflection.

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