Trinity United Church Of Christ Fitness

Trinity United Church Of Christ Fitness

The Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago is one of the biggest churches in the city. There are various ministries that are operative in the church, and one of the ministries is the Health and Wellness Ministry. The health and wellness ministry of the Trinity United Church of Christ makes sure that the members and the people in need are mentally, physically and spiritually fit.

They believe that a healthy body is only made with the combination of a healthy mind and soul.

They make a lot of effort in making people realize the importance of health and fitness.

In today’s times with the different types of diseases becoming prevalent, staying fit has become a necessity. Fitness has to be the part of life. The Trinity United Church of Christ runs various programs that help the people stay fit and active. They have many different programs for people of various ages.

The various programs run by the Trinity United Church of Christ to promote fitness are:

1. Yoga

Yoga is one of the best ways for a person to stay fit and healthy. The church organizes various yoga lessons for all the members of the church. The members of all age are encouraged to join these lessons and participate as much as possible. Yoga and meditation are good for both mind and body. Hence it is good for both physical and mental fitness. These classes are taken by trained yoga instructors who are also mostly volunteers.

2. Scouts

Joining a scout is one of the best ways to stay fit. The scouting activities are held for both girls and boys of ages 6 to 12. These girl and boys scouts are shown survival skills through various drills. The children also go on excursions to help the people in need and learn values while working for them. Joining scouts is again great for the physical and mental health of the child.

3. Camping

The church organizes various camping trips for the members of the church.

This is a perfect to get some spiritual peace and a break from the hectic life.

These camping trips are organized for the people of all ages from kids to teens and adults.

4. Lectures

The church organizes lectures to educate the people about physical and mental fitness.

These classes are beneficial for the people who do not know anything about fitness and cannot afford to take expensive lessons to keep themselves fit and healthy.

5. Drug And Alcohol Recovery

The drug and alcohol recovery plan is organized by the church which helps the people who are trying to quit alcohol and drugs or who have already quit them. The support group is managed by the church where all the people sit together and share their experiences. Additionally, some medicinal practitioner also pays a visit from time to time to check on these people.

6. Various Volunteering Activities

The different volunteering activities satisfy the person and make them happy. Doing well for the other people automatically makes the person happy and hence promotes mental health.

The initiative to keep the members fit and healthy by the Trinity United Church of Christ has helped a lot of people and continue to do so at present.

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