Zion United Church Of Christ

Zion United Church Of Christ

Zion United Church of Christ is situated in Arthur, Illinois and is one of the most prominent churches in the area. It is a beautifully designed church with well-manicured lawns surrounding it.

Pastor Dennis Hanner is the present pastor of the church.

Here is all you need to know about the Zion United Church of Christ.

In the year 1874, the church became a part of the Evangelical Synod.

History Of The Zion United Church Of Christ

  • The Zion United Church of Christ comes under the United Church of Christ group of churches. The church was established in 1860 and has been operative for over 150 years. The groundwork for the church was laid by some German immigrants that came to America after the failure of the German Revolution. In the beginning, the services started taking place in houses every four weeks and continued for the next three years.
  • In 1871 the first building of the church was built, and it was built like a small schoolhouse. It was used as a parochial school when the church services ended. In the year 1874, the church became a part of the Evangelical Synod.
  • In 1892 a proposal to build a bigger and better church was given, and the former church building was permanently converted into a schoolhouse. The new church had a huge tower with a bell that was used to call the people. The building was completed in 1893.
  • In 1907 in a thunderstorm, the church burned down to ashes because the lightning struck the building. The next day a proposal to build a new church was put forth, and by 1908 March the new church was ready. The new church was even better than the former one and is the same building that you see currently.
The Zion United Church Of Christ

The Activities At The Zion United Church Of Christ

 There are numerous activities that take place at the church. These activities involve:

• Sunday School

The Sunday school is organized by the church for people of all age group to teach them about Christianity and Jesus Christ.

•    Prayer Meetings

Prayer meetings are held every Saturday, and anyone can attend them. Preaching and singing performances take place during these meetings.

•    Women Fellowship

Women fellowship is a special program for women in which there are various activities planned for women who come together from all walks of lives. Regular meetings are held to discuss various topics and make plans.

•    Occasional Events

Occasional events take place on special days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc. A special prayer is held, and a special service takes place on these days.

•    Choir

There is a church choir group that performs during the prayer meets and special occasions. Anyone can be a part of the church choir group. However, they need to be good at singing and be regular at the practice sessions.

•    Book Study

Book study is also a regular event at the church where the people from various walks of lives come together to read the Bible and learn about the holy words of wisdom that have been written in it.

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